This is Helen and her massive chocolate log! Helen spent 9 years with her parents at Manns Wharf before opening a restaurant, then returning to run the show in 2018. She is our head chef, leader and general OutFoxed mastermind and owner. From sourdough and croissants to tarts, cakes and a perfectly cooked steak – there is nothing this woman can’t cook! (And very well too!)

This is Kristi mid-pandemic looking suspiciously like a Minion. Kristi came with Helen in 2018 and helped to transform the business into the foxy entity it is today. She looks after the techy stuff, branding and back office and is an OutFoxed owner. Kristi is a little bemused from writing about herself in the third person and needs a little lie down!



Feeding the North Since 1997… And sometimes the south too!

In 1997 our founding parents, John and Jeanette Stevenson, set about starting a small outside catering company in their converted garage in Greenfield, Saddleworth.

With a passion for great food, the business would comfortably see them into retirement. Little did they know that their legacy would develop into a well-respected pillar of the catering trade in Greater Manchester.

In 2005 it was time to grow. With over 12 years’ experience in food service and professional kitchens, John and Jeanette’s daughter, Helen joined the ranks. At this exciting time, business continued to boom and in 2008 –while the country descended into a recession – Manns Wharf burst out of the garage doors and set up an industrial kitchen and warehouse in Mossley, where we still make the magic happen today.

By 2015 Manns Wharf had grown into a reputable employer in the local community, and it was time for Helen to flee the nest to pursue her dream of owning her own restaurant with her partner Kristi.

We opened the doors to our first business venture -a small, family oriented restaurant –The Fox Hole – just over the hill in Meltham, West Yorkshire. The restaurant was a huge success, with a reputation for big flavours, warm service and legendary parties. We are not afraid of a challenge and soon got to grips with today’s varied and wide dietary spectrum, from vegans and veggies to allergies and intolerances – we made sure (and still do) that allergen free options were an integral part of our menus.

Word soon spread and before long we found ourselves catering for family celebrations, community events and civic ceremonies in the Holme Valley.

In 2018, after 21years in the business, John and Jeanette were ready to retire – just as we were ready for a new challenge. Our ethos remains the same – fresh, homemade food for everyone, no matter the budget –and we strive to deliver a tailored service to make every occasion unique.

We like to innovate and grow, and are moving the business forward with the aim of ensuring our food is sustainable and our practices have as little environmental impact as possible. From removing the use of unsustainable produce, to eliminating the use of single use plastics – we really believe in doing our bit to make the world a better place!